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Protecting Your Glow

The health and appearance of your skin can be a difficult thing to maintain. There are so many different factors that can cause damage to your skin or produce unwanted changes to the way it looks. Some of these factors are extremely hard to avoid, like sunlight. Sunlight can cause noticeable hyperpigmentation issues like the formation of sun spots and can damage the skin.

Revitalize Your Skin

The natural aging process also causes a number of issues. As we age, our skin produces less of the essential proteins it needs to stay strong and healthy like collagen and elastin. Aging causes skin laxity and the formation of noticeable wrinkles, lines, and folds.

When all of these issues occur on the skin at once, it can be an overwhelming issue to deal with that leaves you stressing over your appearance. Are you struggling to find an effective way to maintain the health and beauty of your skin?

Your IPL will be administered at Marietta Plastic Surgery located in Marietta, GA just outside of Atlanta.

Lumecca IPL for Skin Rejuvenation - How It Works

At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we can help provide your skin with the comprehensive care it needs using the Lumecca IPL laser system.

Lumecca uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to selectively target and treat skin conditions through selective photothermolysis. Lumecca increases the potential for clinicians to treat a variety of skin types and conditions ranging from facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture and/or photo-damage.

  • Complete photo-rejuvenation in as little as 1 to 3 treatments versus 4-6 with standard IPL’s
  • Improved patient comfort (no pain) and safety from strong sapphire cooling tip
  • Improved patient comfort (no pain) and safety from strong sapphire cooling tip

Lumecca IPL Laser Before & After

Chest before and after Lumecca IPL Laser in Atlanta
Before and after of reduced cheek redness after Lumecca IPL Laser in Atlanta

What Is Lumecca?

Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. The highly advanced system uses a special handpiece equipped with a xenon flash lamp that delivers intense pulses of highly focused light energy to the skin. After just one use, patients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin.

Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photofacial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment. Lumecca is approved for use on a wide variety of skin types, and the device can be adjusted to provide optimized treatments for both light and dark skin tones.

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What Are the Benefits?

In just 1-3 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of:

  • Age spots (red/brown pigmentations)
  • Sun damage
  • Vascular lesions (spider veins, port wine stains, leg telangiectasia )
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Lumecca can be used on all areas of the body. The most common areas of treatment are zones that are regularly exposed to the sun. This often includes the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands and arms.

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What Steps Must Be Taken Before the Procedure?

Avoid direct, excessive sun exposure or tanning one month prior to treatment.

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Patient Testimonials

This is the best staff, and experience around! They make you feel welcome and educated about products and procedures. I recommend to everyone!

- Helen

What Should I Expect During and After Lumecca?

During treatment there will be a bright flash of light from the Lumecca that feels like a light elastic sensation. The device features a strong sapphire cooling tip that protects the surface of the skin and keeps it from getting to hot to ensure maximum patient safety and comfort during the treatment. Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subsides within an hour.

Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of pigmented spots; in the week afterwards the pigmented lesions flake off, leading to an evening out of skin tone. After treating vascular lesions you may see the vein blanch and disappear or a color change in the vessel which dissipates after a few days.

Consultation for Lumecca IPL Laser in Atlanta
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How Many Sessions Are Required?

An improved skin appearance can be noted after the first session. Multiple sessions provide even better results. Treatment regime depends on the severity of skin damage, skin type, type of treatment (vascular vs. sun damage) and energy settings. The exact number of treatments required will depend on the condition of your skin and the results you are seeking to achieve.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Sun damage and skin complexion results can be seen a few days after the first session. The skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time with most visible results after 1-2 weeks. Having multiple photofacial sessions will improve the final result. For vascular treatments such as spider or leg veins, results can be seen in up to 2 weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most patients do not experience any side effects. Some redness and skin sensitivity may be present after the treatment but are to be expected. Any skin reaction usually resolves within a few hours after your treatment. Patients may find they are sensitive to sunlight immediately after treatment. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and tanning.

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