Once you have decided that a tummy tuck is right for you, choosing your plastic surgeon to perform the procedure is probably the most important decision you'll make. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can mean the difference between regretting your surgery and being fully satisfied with your results.


With any surgical procedure, you want to choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced with the procedure you want. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, we provide a variety of tummy tuck procedures. Your plastic surgeon can customize your procedure for the results you desire by recommending one of the following types of tummy tucks:

  • Traditional
  • Mini
  • Extended
  • Circumferential

We have the experience necessary to accurately evaluate your problem areas and perform the right surgery for your needs.  

An Artistic Eye

You not only want a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon for your tummy tuck procedure – you also want a surgeon with an artistic eye. Plastic surgery is not just a science; it's an art form, and your body is the canvas. Our plastic surgeons have the skill and the passion necessary to use body contouring techniques to sculpt the ideal body you want.

To learn more about how our plastic surgeons' experience and artistry can benefit your appearance, please call 770-425-0118 for our Marietta office or 678-494-2380 for our Woodstock location.

Caring and Attentive

A good plastic surgeon will take the time to listen to your goals and answer your questions about abdominoplasty. At Marietta Plastic Surgery, patient education is a major priority. We recognize that each patient is an individual with specific needs and concerns, and we want you to feel comfortable with us and with the procedure you've chosen.

Accredited Surgical Center

Another very important factor in choosing your cosmetic surgeon is knowing that your tummy tuck will be performed in a safe and sanitary environment. We are committed to patient privacy, safety and comfort. We have a fully accredited surgery center with operating suites accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

If you are ready to meet our Atlanta plastic surgeons for your tummy tuck consultation, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today. Call 770-425-0118 for our Marietta office or 678-494-2380 for our Woodstock location.