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Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery – Atlanta Breast Surgery

Augmentation Mastopexy Recovery Atlanta

Sagging breasts that have lost volume may benefit from a single comprehensive breast-rejuvenation procedure: augmentation mastopexy. This combination technique requires a period of augmentation mastopexy recovery. You will be advised to stay home from work for around one week following your augmentation mastopexy. During this period of augmentation mastopexy recovery, it will also be helpful […]

Thigh Lift – Thighplasty Procedure Atlanta

Thigh Lift Atlanta

When we feel out of shape, it can often have a lot to do with the shape and overall appearance of the thighs. Large, sagging thighs may leave us feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. To recontour the thighs, our facility offers the thigh lift procedure. With a thigh lift, the plastic surgeon is able to trim […]

Breast Reconstruction – Atlanta Post-Mastectomy Options

Breast Reconstruction Atlanta

When breast cancer necessitates mastectomy surgery, many patients turn to a skilled plastic surgeon to learn about the breast reconstruction procedure. With breast reconstruction, we are able to work to restore the look and feel of the breast mound. In order to replace the lost breast volume after mastectomy surgery, a plastic surgeon can either […]

Forehead Lift – Anti-Aging Surgery Atlanta

Forehead Lift Atlanta

Loose skin and wrinkles can make a person self-conscious, as they are often prominent markers of the aging process. If you want to look more youthful, you may be interested in the forehead lift. When people age, their skin tissues change, degrading in quality over the years. The skin begins to droop and sag in […]

Sculptra – Atlanta Volumizing Injectables

Sculptra Atlanta

As we age, we lose facial volume and begin to take on a gaunt appearance. The bones of the face become prominent and harsh as the facial tissues decrease in collagen protein. In order to combat this process, many patients come in for Sculptra injections. Rather than being considered a true dermal filler, Sculptra is […]