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Archive for July, 2017

Try CoolSculpting for Surgery-Free Body Sculpting

Published on July 31, 2017

As a result of advancements in medical technology, surgery is no longer necessary for effective body sculpting. This means that patients can avoid incisions and long recovery periods while reshaping their bodies. There are many who are insecure about the

Put Excess Fat Cells to Good Use

Published on July 21, 2017

Along with wrinkling and droopy skin, facial volume loss is becoming more and more well-known as a common part of the aging process. Facial volume can be restored using facial fat grafting. Fat grafting takes a person’s fat cells and

FaceTite Offers Minimally Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Published on July 17, 2017

Sun exposure, smoking, hereditary qualities, and the aging process can take a heavy toll on our skin – particularly in the neck, cheeks, and jawline. If you’re sick of looking older than you feel but aren’t exactly prepared to go

What Is a Collagen Stimulator?

Published on July 7, 2017

Collagen is the most abundant protein available in our body. It gives our skin strength and helps replace old skin cells with new cells. It also increases the elasticity of the skin. With age, the production of collagen protein decreases,

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Marietta: 770.425.0118
Woodstock: 678.494.2380
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