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Breast Implant Size

There are two different ways to look at breast implant size. The first way is to look at the completely personal decision of how large you want your breasts to be after breast augmentation. This is a decision that only you can make, and there are many places to look for advice on how to […]

Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is probably the most rewarding experience in a woman's life. Creating a life and watching as your child grows and changes is an incomparable joy. As a mother, you are prepared to sacrifice a lot for your child. You have given time, money, and incalculable effort to your child. These are the things your […]

Am I a Candidate for Fat Grafting?

You may have heard about the increasing popularity of fat grafting–body contouring using nothing but your own fat. Fat grafting takes fat from places you don't want it and puts it where you do, and has the potential to give permanent results. So now your next question is, naturally: Am I a candidate? The ideal […]

What Is CoolSculpting?

If you pay attention to beauty trends, you may have heard of CoolSculpting, but you may not understand what it is. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical, noninvasive fat reduction method. There are no injections, no anesthesia, and no pain. CoolSculpting is used to reduce unsightly fat bulges, mostly in the abdomen, such as the love handle […]

Benefits of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a body contouring method that is fast growing in popularity. Fat grafting is when fat is taken from undesired bulges and placed in more aesthetic locations. Liposuction is used to remove the fat, which is then treated and injected into the desired areas in many small grafts to give a natural contour. […]