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Choosing a Liposuction Surgeon

When choosing a liposuction surgeon, it's important to make sure you understand who you are working with. When considering liposuction, you should talk to a surgeon about all of the following: Education and board certification: Where did your surgeon train? Who did they train with? How much training did they have specifically in liposuction? Are […]

Before cosmetic surgery, make sure the certification is right

Doctor (not a plastic surgeon) charged with manslaughter after abdominoplasty death

Post-mastectomy reconstruction helps patients regain self-esteem

“Mommy makeover” patients are some of the happiest

I Have a Large Amount of Belly Fat. Is Liposuction a Good Option for Me?

Liposuction is an ideal treatment for isolated pockets of stubborn fat, but when you're looking at belly fat, there are many potential factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking for the ideal treatment. First, it's important to know that when you have a belly that protrudes, it's not always fat. It is […]

What Is the Best Option for Breast Implant Placement?

When you are considering breast implants, it's important to consider your procedure options to make a decision about what type of procedure is right for you. There are two different placement options, described as "planes" for breast implant placement: Submuscular–placed fully or partly under the pectoral muscle Subglandular–placed under the breast tissue and over the […]