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Male Plastic Surgery – Men Atlanta Male Procedures

Male Plastic Surgery Atlanta

Men want to look fit with well-defined muscles, but when it comes to stubborn unwanted fat, exercise and dieting don’t always work. Putting in the work without getting results can be frustrating and demoralizing. Rather than letting that beer belly win, many men turn to a proven solution: male plastic surgery. Male patients tend to […]

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure – Fat Transfer Atlanta

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Atlanta

One of the many benefits of the fat-grafting procedure is that it can be used to naturally augment the buttocks. Known as the Brazilian butt lift procedure, this surgical technique is becoming more and more popular every day. The Brazilian butt lift procedure can take at least two to five hours to perform, which includes […]

Fat Grafting – Atlanta Restore Facial Volume

Fat Grafting Atlanta

Why do people come in for facial fat grafting? With this innovative and versatile fat-transfer procedure, we are able to accomplish a great deal of facial rejuvenation. Fat grafting can volumize hollow regions of the face, reducing the look of gauntness that can accompany the aging process. This injection procedure can also fill in wrinkles, […]

Kybella – Double-Chin Reduction Treatment Atlanta

Kybella Atlanta

Kybella is a new FDA-approved injectable fat-reduction treatment used to recontour the submental area (the area below the chin). Visit Marietta Plastic Surgery to experience safe and effective Kybella injections from some of the first medical practitioners in the country to be trained in the use of this new non-surgical beauty aid. Are you struggling […]